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Hi, I’m Anfisa, UX Designer & content creator. 
I work at MEWS as a Sr.UX designer. In the past worked at Citrix, NCR, co-founded a startup Columbery, and freelanced for 6 years. As a side project, since 2016 I’ve been creating UX content on Instagram, podcasting, and blogging. I also help aspiring designers transition to UX through courses, mentoring, and various workshops.

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I've transitioned into UX by accident 10 years ago. Long story short, I was an interior designer planning to take a master’s degree with an industrial design major. I found a program with a ‘Product design’ title in Estonia and for some reason, I was convinced that product design = industrial design. What a surprise it was when I flied to Estonia and instead of building furniture from cardboard I started having business classes, research, and design thinking classes. Well, Estonia appeared to have a pretty forward-thinking culture with a strong UX mindset long before it became mainstream. Looking back, it was the best accident that ever happened to me.

Working experience

My working experience started with a hackathon where I've found my first freelance clients. As I was finishing my master's, I realized I'm missing the experience working for the bigger clients, so I applied for an internship at the award-winning agency. There for the first time, I've got to learn from professionals. Later for the next couple of years, I've been teaching & freelancing which helped to build my confidence. One day, I've met a dream team and decided to build a product as a co-founder. It was a rollercoaster of a journey, but after 3 pivots, an office, a team of 12, we had to call it a day due to a lack of funding. This helped me to gain a business owner perspective. After that I've realized that the future is teamwork, so I've joined my first enterprise company, which I was doing for the next 3y and which taught me communication and soft skills. Today, I've embarked myself on the scale-up startup adventure.

Talks & Interviews

I'm always happy to advocate for UX design or help train aspiring designers. If you're looking for a guest for your conference or channel, just contact me here.

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