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Below you'll find recommendations on UX design related resources, guides, tools, books, podcast episodes, and more to get started or elevate your career. If you're only getting started, I also recommend to sign up below for the next free webinar about getting started in UX design.

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Gain confidence in the UX design process. with the most comprehensive all in one place 35h-long UX course. Based on my own case studies,  processes, and templates. Capturing not only the design but also PM, business, and psychology fundamentals for designers.

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I started sharing design content back in 2016 because of the book 'Show your work'. It resonated with me that you don't have to share perfectly polished work, but your daily lessons. In May 2016 I've made the first post and to this day I'm still passionate about sharing what I'm learning not only on Instagram but on many other platforms.

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